anime motion graphic of an elf doing alchemy with jars and floating lamps
flowerpunks, a benefit for Bloom Network

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Owners of Bloom's Artizen NFT and Juicebox NFT gain early access to the genesis drop of FlowerPunks, a sci-fi futurist world of cute characters and beasts.

About FlowerPunks

FlowerPunks are caring, wise beings tending to the fundamentals of life.

FlowerPunks will be released in a series of drops, starting with the genesis drop. Additionally, one PFP series is planned, so stay tuned for the release of the Yeti Moths! Oh yes, they will be cute, prepare yourself.

Each FlowerPunks NFT is a unique, single edition artwork made by artist Magenta Ceiba.

Upcoming Drops

Drop #1
Genesis Drop
sci-fi characters

About the Artist

Mage reveals unseen places of magic in spectacular color and a cuteness that melts your heart. Each artwork is made with Midjourney, digital painting, and sometimes animations.

Magenta is the systems architect and lead developer at FlowerPunks is inspired by her lust for reading everything she can get her hands on about art history, art criticism and philosophy, and "comparative aesthetics" (why different cultures make art and what it's about).

Mage grew up wandering around nature on a small farm. She is a self-taught artist, fashion designer, coder, and former professional musician. She has been a community organizer for 25 years, transforming society to be in harmony with nature and true freedom.

Benefit Proceeds

FlowerPunks is a benefit for Bloom Network, a community network that helps people find and participate in local climate and social repair actions.

Proceeds are split 50:30:20
  • 50% to the Bloom Network action rewards pool, to pay people for contributing labor to community-led projects
  • 30% to the artist
  • 20% to the artist's Local Bloom hub.

Resale royalities are 3% and go to a payment splitter with this same ratio.

This ratio is a template for other artists who want to support Bloom Network! Bloom is a creative community and we would love for this approach to become a common way to finance grassroots impact work on the ground that has historically been excluded from mainstream grants.

Moar Love

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❤️ Love Bloom Network and want to contribute more? We accept tax-deductible donations, crypto donations, and labor contributions.
transparent pink octopus in a liquid circuit box
made with math + rainbows
by Magenta Ceiba